Volyn Oblast Dating

Volyn Dating

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Volyn Oblast is an oblast in north-western Ukraine. Its administrative center is Lutsk. Kovel is the westernmost town and the last station in Ukraine of the rail line running from Warsaw through to Kiev. Population: 1,036,891. Volyn was once part of Kievan Rus before becoming an independent local principality and an integral part of the Halych-Volynia, one of Kievan Rus successor states. In the 1400s, the area came under the control of neighboring Grand Duchy of Lithuania, in 1569 passing over to Poland and then in 1795, until World War I, to the Russian Empire where it was a part of the Volynskaya Guberniya. In the interwar period most of the territory, organized as Woy Voivodeship was under the Polish control.

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